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Program Administrators
  • Student/Alumni Program Evaluation?
  • Alumni Tracking?
  • Annual Performance Reports?
  • Determining Best Practices?

Scholars can Help
Student/Alumni Locator Tracking Service offers fast and accurate up-to-date demographic information so that you can contact your program alumni for program evaluation purposes.

Contact Center Service offers fast and accurate up-to-date demographic information and we’ll contact your former program alumni on your behalf and provide you with a report based upon the questions that you designate.

Scholars Programs are
  • Automated, web-based, easy and secure
  • Confidential and FERPA compliant
  • Non-invasive
  • Customized for your needs

Getting Started

Contact a Scholars representative to discuss your needs. We’ll help you develop a package to serve your program.

Cleint Comments

“Scholars Information Services was very helpful on data collection from our former T32 trainees. They were quick to locate missing trainees and very thorough with the customer service survey. We were pleased with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again in the future.”
Bastyrs Research University
National Institute of Health
Cindy Butler-Smith
Washington. WA

“I started using their service long ago and their professional staff are easy to work with and flexible to my needs. The time saved by using the Scholar Information Services allows me to focus more of my time on my students needs. I would highly recommend this service to any College Student Program Director who needs to do student tracking for their respective educational grants. Everything was timely and they were able to find up to 95% of my student alumni.”
University of California, Berkeley
Diana Lizarraga,
Director of Seven Diversity Science Undergraduate Research Programs

"The part of the service I liked the best was that Scholars stayed with us through the entire process. Our department spent several months tracking down our alumni and sent Scholars those alumni we were not able to locate. We were thrilled when Scholars found an additional 59 alumni. We were only charged for those alumni located. We will be using their services again"
Texas Christian University
Robin Melton, Director McNair Program

“Scholars Information Services gave good instructions for how to set up login information on their website. They went out of their way to try to locate students and we were not charged for any students they were unable to locate. This is a worthwhile service to use if you are experiencing difficulty in locating students who have been out in the real world for some time. I look forward to learning more about their new Contact Center. We will need all of the help that we can get if we can afford it!”
Best Regards,
Shirley M. McClellan, Director
TRiO Educational Talent Search
Fort Valley State University

“I enjoyed working with the SIS [Scholars] team. With their help we were able to double our post-secondary survey response rate and with their phone bank system we gained new email addresses that we didn't have. We have added them to our annual data retrieval process."
Eshawn Zuniga
Data & Technology Coordinator
University Preparation Services Upward Bound Program
California State University, Sonoma


Students Alumni
Scholars is currently tracking students/alumni on behalf of our clients for program evaluation purposes only. The survey is confidential. Our service team will call you and request your participation to complete the survey on behalf of the school. Feel free to check your school’s website to confirm our participation.

  • Save program resources through innovative use of technology.
  • Pay for results only policy.
  • Empirical data gathering.
  • Customized for each client.
  • Verifiable and quantitative data.
  • Ensure that your resources are used to their highest value.
  • Meet grant funding requirements.
  • Model questions that help you determine best practices and areas of improvement.


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